How to upgrade a lifetime license of WFilter?

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1 Introduction

Please be aware that you can only upgrade life-time licenses.

If you get WFilter from a local dealer, you're recommended to contact the local dealer to upgrade your licensed users.

If you purchased WFilter in our online store, please follow below steps to upgrade your licensed users.

2 Steps to upgrade WFilter licensed users

Suppose you have an 100-user license, now you want to upgrade it to an 155-user license.

  • Please a new order for WFilter 55-user lifetime license at: WFilter Purchase URL
  • You will receive a 55-user license when your order is completed.
  • Now please send the new 55-user key and the old 100-user key to, indicating that you want to upgrade the existing license.
  • We will send you a new 155-user lifetime license ASAP.


3.1 Can I unify two existing lifetime licenses?

No. Only new lifetime license(not activated) can be added to an existing lifetime license. You can not unify two activated licenses.

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