How to remote access WFilter from network?

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1 How to remote access WFilter console?

WFilter supports remote access. You can access WFilter from other computers without need to install any client.
For example, the computer with WFilter installed at is "", to access WFilter from other computer, you just need to type "" in your browser.

2 Why can not access WFilter's console from other computers?

Please check your firewall configuration first. Mostly this is because your firewall disallow connections from other computer(port 10090).
Please check "Remote Access Control" configuration of WFilter and make sure remote access is allowed.
Please check the url address. Let's suppose that WFilter is installed at, then the address shall be

3 Can I access WFilter from Internet?

Yes, you can. First, you shall configure your firewall and WFilter to allow remote access.
If WFilter is installed in your gateway, you can access WFilter from Internet directly by visit the gateway's wan IP(port 10090).
If WFilter is installed in another computer which is not directly connected to the Internet, you shall do port forwarding in the router first.

Port Forwarding is the technique of taking packets destined for a specific TCP of UDP port and machine, and 'forwards' them to a different port and/or machine. This is done 'transparently', meaning that network clients can not see that Port Forwarding is being done. They connect to a port on a machine when in actually fact the packets are being redirected elsewhere.
If your internet ip address is not static, you can apply for a dynamic DNS service to visit your network by domain.

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