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1 Products List

Products List
1 WFilter ICF(internet content filter software) 30-day free trial
2 WFilter NG firewall 30-days free trial

2 Enterprise License Terms

  • Each license shall be activated in one pc only. You need to de-activate the previous activation before moving it to another server.
  • Standard support includes online website and portal access, email/messenger/teamviewer/telephone support during business hours.
  • Users with a valid license always can upgrade to the latest version for free.

3 Upgrading


4.1 What will happen when my license expired?

There will be no monitoring nor filtering. Reports and history data are still accessible.

4.2 What can I do if my clients number exceeds WFilter license limit?

You can choose users you want to monitor in the "user-device list". And make sure your concurrent online users to be monitored won't exceed the license. Otherwise there will be no monitoring nor filtering for users exceeds the license.

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