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Please notice: Correct deployment is required for all WFilter features to work, please check: WFilter Deployment


1 Introduction

WFilter has a powerful reports system, including "standard reports" and "detailed reports". Features:

  • Various reports: Web Report, Bandwidth Report, Email Report, File Report...
  • Report format supported: bar, line, pie, data.
  • Export to html, pdf and csv files.
  • Schedule automatic report sending to admin emails.
  • "Standard reports" is for you to define and save reports for later usage.
  • "Detailed reports" is for you to run a immediately report query.

1.1 Standard Reports

In "standard reports", you will get a list of predefined reports, you also can customize your own.

Wfilter standard reports.png

1.2 Detailed Reports

"Detailed reports" is the prototype of "standard reports". You can run a report query immediately and have more options than the "standard reports".

Wfilter detailed reports.png

2 Reports and Statistics How-to List

List of "How-to" tutorials of the "Reports and Statistics" feature of WFilter.

3 External Links to IMFirewall Software

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